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Classic Car Restoration Service

Established in 2017, Painting Classic Cars has been looking after a huge range of classic vehicles across the West Sussex area. We are classic car experts, which means any work we undertake on classic cars is delivered with many years of experience and extensive knowledge. We appreciate that no matter what the vehicle is, its original beauty does not last forever. Over time the age of the car will begin to reveal itself - our service focuses on restoring your car back to its original glory. With a well-respected reputation within the classic car industry, customers travel all over the South East to utilise our dedicated services. We cover everything from scratches, dents, scuffs to alloy wheels. Our fabrication shop is well-equipped with TIG and MIG, power hammers and English wheels - all ready to deliver traditional methods that achieve amazing results.

Classic Car Case Studies

Our specialty lies in the restoration of classic cars like Jaguars, Chevrolet, Porsche, VWs and MINIs. We have a vast selection of case studies that outline the work we undertook and its outstanding results.

Our modern Junair paint booth has Sata spray equipment and we use the highest quality PPG products to make sure we achieve a durable and high quality finish on every project. Visual defects can really affect the look of your classic car, as well decreasing its monetary value. If there are scratches on the paintwork this can also lead to rust issues, making it essential to be repaired as quickly as possible. Our team are highly experienced and we are extremely proud to be the car restoration company of choice for classic cars. Offering the best prices possible, we see our loyal clients return time and time gain for our bespoke services.

For a dedicated classic car restoration service that achieves outstanding results contact Painting Classic Cars on 01323 885123.

We offer unbeatable service at affordable prices! Painting Classic Cars offer unrivalled car paintwork for classic vehicles.

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