Novol Process

We are delighted to be Novol Gold Partners, offering the very best in Classic car paint systems.

Novol are the number one paint supplier, with products designed specifically for the Classic Car industry.

Revolutionary anti corrosion bases, world beating surface preparation, and infinite colours, encased in stunning CSR anti UV high solid lacquer.

Starting with a bare blasted steel body shell.

First application is Novols chemically adhering, rust preventing Epoxy base. This ensures no moisture between the bare steel and the levelling materials.

After lightly keying, Novols colour indicator fillers are applied for levelling uneven metal repairs. If the material does not change from pale blue to white, there is an issue and the material is not fully cured. This allows for any error that may cause future problems to be corrected instantly.

Once levelled, Novols colour indicating Polyester spray filler is used. This eradicates any minor defect in the panel shape.

When the Polyester is blocked to remove the smallest of defects, Novols Isolator primer seals all levelling work (which is hygroscopic) - ensuring no moisture sits between the base layer and the outer layers.

Next stage is applying Novol's Acrylic primer in readiness for colour application.

Colour is applied from Novol's extensive Spectral colour range - which is as in-depth in detail from past colours as it is the future colours.

Finally, all is sealed in Novol's incredible CSR high solid, UV resistant ultra clear lacquer.