• Painting Classic Cars will offer a full and detailed estimate on works in writing. This estimate is based on over 25 years experience.
  • We charge at an hourly rate of £65ph + VAT on all works - from strip and fit, to paint and metal work
  • All materials are charged at RRP. We do not use customer supplied materials, as it compromises quality and work guarantee.
  • Detailed images are kept and shared throughout the process. See how we work
  • We provide a start and projected finish time - subject to parts delays or further works being needed.
  • Works are not double stacked. Your book in date is the work commencing date. Works are not stopped unless by reasons outside of our control (such as parts/3rd party delays)
  • Any additional works are discussed, priced and agreed before proceeding
  • Painting Classic Cars does not undertake any mechanical repairs, but can recommend local alternatives.
Paint Finish